On the basis of what general principle can the State require citizens to protect their security? (For example, forcing them to wear helmets on motorcycles)

Based on

principles contained in the Constitution

which, being open in interpretation, leaves room for different explanations depending on the society and the values of a given period.

Let’s start from

obligation to wear a helmet, use belts, comply with the prohibitions imposed by the Highway Code,

adopt behaviour that is as geared to accident prevention as possible. A general principle could be Article 32 of the Constitution:

But also art. 13, regarding the

personal freedom,

Article 2 with reference to

human rights and obligations

and Article 3 as regards

and substantial equality.

rules do not tell what means the State must have at its disposal to deal with the

duty to health.

But a law requiring the use of a helmet could be one of the alternatives available to prevent any kind of danger

In this regard, I’m reminded of something that concerns me closely. As a Calabrese, these days we are talking much the

tragedy of Civita

and the deaths from the flooding of the creek. to initial investigations, there is a kind of diatribe about what the responsibilities are. On the one hand there regulations twenty years old, largely disregarded in the name of tourism and entertainment. On the other hand there was a bulletin that alerted tourists and warned them of probable floods with danger for the safety of people. The alert and the rules (unfortunately outdated)

might fall within the general principle that a certain behaviour is required to avoid disastrous consequences.

What is certain is that the local authorities have done , that should have made sure that the rules in force are respected. But the prohibitions were there, and if could be considered “outdated”, there was still a communiqué warning of potential dangers due to the rain.