Why does the Brazilian have the habit of self-medicating?

There are several reasons for this (bad) and they are worth the observations:

1-Morosity in health services:

Whether in the public or private environment, Brazilians suffer a lot from the delay in care they use the wrong units to treat outpatient problems, and this overloads the already saturated hospital units, apart from the frequent absence of doctors. Aside from the abyss that exists in contact with prescribers, a health problem demands attention and you do not wait

(Can anyone stand to be in pain without taking anything? Certainly not).

2-Prepotency unhealthy:

The Brazilian thinks he knows things and still thinks he can handle certain health situations by doing brief searches on the web (google) and/or reading leaflets. Not infrequently he still insists on talking to health professionals, as long as they are not clear doctors, thinking he knows more why he read there and there or that in a doctor’s blog he said that. He forgets that behind many jackets that are not doctors, there are very dedicated and more capable professionals than he imagines…or still thinks.

3-An insistent amateurism:

If it wasn’t enough to you know, there’s a culture of indicating why so-and-so, cyclan or beltrano had the same symptom, used something and got better. Similar clinical symptoms are not the same and one has to consider that age, sex and even idiosyncratic aspects also influence the symptomatology. What worked for one does not mean it work for another and it is in empiricism that many people end up worsening clinical picture and becoming statistically in intoxicated and drug aggravations.

4-Hipochondria not admitted:

Even if he takes one or more medications for a while and gets a cure (or resolution of symptoms), it is not uncommon when some of these come back he insists on repeating the

without any prior consultation. “Why do that if I’ve been there before?” He would say, but he forgets that there are many clinical pictures that hide important information, except that when some symptoms repeat themselves much they need a and accurate clinical evaluation! Not to mention when he watches certain documentaries, he thinks he has the symptoms described and then runs to his “home pharmacy”.

5-Ilusion toxic:

The use of over-the-counter and herbal medicines be done with parsimony and a professional orientation, even from a pharmacist, is always a proof of maturity (besides self-love). The Brazilian often goes out taking doses of medication, making mixtures and for (many) times trying to reconcile with alcohol, something that does not work at any time! Even over-the-counter medications have protocols of use, even herbal medicines have restrictions and observations of use (we are talking about scientific, official data and not “not really that”) and alcohol does not match with any ongoing . If the patient makes use of controlled medication, I feel informed but its use with alcohol even at different times will only bring losses (this is because it is not said here a risk of !). The great truth is that MEDICATION IS NOT SOMETHING AND NOT ANYTHING TO TREATH WITH LEVIANITY!

6-Coringa medication inside out:

Medication has its uses well defined, as well as its adverse events. Even the uses that are not official, called

They should not be done without proper professional guidance (which includes professional and criminal liability). And not satisfied the Brazilian seems to to invent uses as if this would solve problems. Any use outside the scope of medication is a sure risk for those do, even the idea of making extemporaneous mixtures of pharmaceutical forms can go more wrong than imagined. There are incompatibilities that should be pointed out and in this respect the pharmacists know well enough to guide properly. Similarly, making use of an adverse event to advantage can generate new problems and aggravate something that could be resolved in a providential consultation. The fact is that there are NO MAGICAL FORMS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS THAT DO NOT SERVE FOR AND DO NOT CURE !

As can be seen, many of these attitudes reflect immaturity, inconsequence, and even chronic problems that are not worked on in consciousness. This is just to illustrate some points that still add up to the statistics of drug poisoning and other problems related to the inappropriate use of drugs (including many pregnancies where it has not been observed that some drugs have interfered with contraceptives).

It is always a good idea to seek professional guidance and maintain health monitoring at all times.