What parameters do people use when they criticize SUS, universities and other public services? Have they used doctors and average private universities to compare? Do they compare with the top services in each field? Is it just to criticize the government?

All my life I have been a doctor in the Ministry of , since the Medical Residency in 1981. I am/was a contestant and the Public System that has been allotted, scrapped mainly in the last years. For those ignore it, the Private System in Brazil in 41 million lives the public that the Constitution says it is for all. It should be for all, the political allotment of the largest budget of the Union has generated real monsters, of robberies, embezzlement, nepotism.

Everyone will at point use it, be it in Chronic and Rare Diseases, where Justice gives gain even to those who have private plans.

is no difference between a doctor’s office and a hospital you are a doctor, there are people who need treatment. In this country where income distribution is a joke, and health is the duty of the , everyone wants and has the to public .

who do not like public service should stay out of it. You do not ignore in the hospital what you know in the office, you often do not have the same means to solve with the necessary speed, the lines are long, and the investment different .

For those who don’t know expensive treatment processes, sometimes have more chances to happen in the Public Net

As for the regulatory agencies, they serve to contain the infinite abuse of the Health Businessmen, who use the Government’s own indices to regulate their costs.

Poor people are not only in line, they are all over this country, in the streets and on farms, but they are people like all of .

We will advance a lot when the normal knows that in this country life has never been a priority, then we will change.