If we knew that the covid-19 virus was already on the rise in China and Italy, why was no action taken to prevent it from getting this far?

Money, and Incompetence and something else. Money always speaks louder. There already patients with COVID-19 in Brazil before Carnival. Some and even journalists on television warned of the possibility of the pandemic. Do you know how many people have been participating in Carnival in the three days all over Brazil? Millions. In São Paulo alone, about fifteen million. Do the math for the other big cities. A total of 50 million, maybe? How many already infected? Remember that the Carnival is the one that receives tourists in the world. Now imagine thousands of infected people infecting millions, for hours for three consecutive days contaminating everything and everyone.

Incompetence of the Ministry of Health that did not alert to the possibility of the local epidemic by an unknown virus. Everyone already knew about the in China and in some countries. The itself excused China, which always hid the facts. And it’s still hiding. The denied the immediate danger even when it no longer possible to do so. Incompetence and political interests. Why is it that only China has equipment ready to be sold to the whole world?

Why haven’t state governors suspended Carnival? China has suspended Chinese New Year’s Eve parties, the most important of the year for them to try to limit evil. Brazil already knew that. But why didn’t the governors suspend Carnival? Money. They wanted the millions of reais that Carnival provides. If the thing went off the rails, the federal government would pay the bills, like it’s doing.

And there’s yet another reason: to make things difficult for a government that was beginning to put the on the right track, a statement that any economic newspaper or the IBGE confirms.

Since hope is the last that dies, we will have hope in Brazil. Which, frankly, is not easy.