What habits, tips, routines or advice have had an effect on your appearance?

have an impact on appearance also on whole life. The one that has had the impact:



Every day after I go to the gym.

Obviously, my body’s evolved quickly, I’ve gained muscle mass, strength and endurance;

sport has also improved my sleep: I go to earlier of course and fall asleep faster (light and noise longer bother me);

sport has also changed my eating habits: I have started to look at labels and stopped buying certain products that have no interest or are simply for my health. It also made me want to eat a little healthier, without depriving me I felt eating something very fatty ;

sport has improved my life balance: professional life / personal life. Doing sport when I out of work allows me to psychologically cut the bridges with my professional life, allowing me not to bring these subjects and problems back home ;

sport has brought me discipline and regularity. This is something you learn by practising an activity regularly, whatever happens. This state of mind will allow you to achieve your goals in all areas.