Why is it so hard to get out of poverty?

Original question:

Because the have a wrong belief system and low self-esteem.

At university I poor classmates. When I say

I mean students who wore the same clothes and shoes for 3 or 4 years, or who came very early to the showers at the stadium because sometimes there was no drinking water in their houses, or who looked after their notebooks like a tourist looks after his passport, so that they could erase the pages at the end of the semester and them again.

Normally they did not participate much in parties or university activities, except for studying, some sports and in general a simple and low profile with their friends of similar background.

Some became very , working in corporations with salaries within the 2-3% higher range of my country, managing engineering projects with “7 or 8 zero” budgets, postgraduate degrees in or Japan, and regular vacations in Asia or the Mediterranean.

Others went back to their same opaque lives as before college, at best reaching a middle-class lifestyle, or gave up any possibility of financial growth for a variety of reasons.

The 2 groups were very similar in many ways except for 2 traits:



The “successful” group had a self-esteem. They were confident in their intellectual abilities and imagined a bright future for themselves. Their poverty was a passing problem, like a cold or a fracture. They were sociable and generally surrounded themselves with friends of different economic status but the same mentality. That same attitude helped them build excellent networks that helped them emerge in their careers.

The “loser” group had self-image and a marked resentment: the world belonged to “the rich”, the “well-connected” or “those with European surnames”. They had a of “ radar” calibrated to approaching anyone who was not poor, and they overreacted to any behavior that seemed remotely discriminatory. When they shared with groups they believed to be “upper class”, they fell into inhibitions and attitudes of self-sabotage: they were cowardly, shy, hurtful or distant, and the natural rejection of others they interpreted as classism or racism, reinforcing their resentment.

In short, people are like ships and their mentality is like the rudder. The boat with the rudder always moves forward no matter where the wind is blowing. The boat with the crooked rudder goes round in circles even when the wind is behind it.