What do you think of the vaccines? Can the measles/rosolia and mumps vaccine really trigger autistic conditions? Can it affect the intestine and make the subject anorexic?

Vaccines at the moment are the medical prophylaxis that offers the best /benefit ratio ever, as demonstrated by the fact that they are recommended by the Health Organization, all Ministries of Health of all countries in the , by Without Borders, UNICEF and all NGOs as well as by the international scientific community.

The trivalent vaccine for the three diseases listed in the application is safe, the risk of crippling or lethal consequences due to , rubella and is in the order of one case per thousand, for the

subacute sclerosing agent (PESS) due to the persistence of measles in brain tissue:

while noteworthy adverse reactions to components of the vaccine are in the order of one in 30,000 to 1,000,000 cases:

and are however avoidable to a large extent taking into account the initial condition of the patient, translated: risks thirty to a thousand times more not to vaccinate than to vaccinate yourself. In addition, is mention of any correlation or causality between this vaccine and autism in the above-linked reactogenicity, an unfounded position that is widespread only doctors and buffalo sites, the same for the link with anorexia.