What do you need to know before you donate blood?

I’ll bring you back AVIS requires:

18-60 years old (to apply to a donor).
Anyone wishing to donate for the first time after the age of 60 can be accepted at the discretion of the doctor responsible for the selection. You can to donate until you reach the age of 65 and to the 70th year of age to an assessment of your state of health.

No less than 50 kg.
Health status
No risky behaviour that could compromise our health and/or that of receive our blood.

Suitability for donation is determined by a physician through an interview, clinical evaluation and a series of laboratory tests designed to ensure the safety of both donor and recipient.

The complete list of the physical requirements of the donor is contained in the

the Decree of the Ministry of Health of November 2, 2015 on “Provisions relating to the quality and safety requirements of blood and blood components.

Main criteria
of suspension
of donation

4 months: after piercing, tattoos, non-repeated risk sexual intercourse (occasional, promiscuous), major surgery, acupuncture, endoscopy (e.g. gastroscopy, colonoscopy).

6-12 months: after returning from travel to areas where there is a risk of tropical infectious diseases.

6 months: after childbirth.

Different periods: for vaccinations, infectious diseases, taking medicines.

Permanent exclusion: positive for HIV tests, hepatitis B and C, chronic diseases.

The complete list of suspension criteria is contained in the

the Decree of the Ministry of Health of 2 November 2015 on “Provisions on the quality and safety requirements for blood and blood components”.