Is vinegar also able to eliminate the corona virus ? Could I use vinegar in the sprayer and have a positive result on virus elimination ?

are only 2 cheap disinfectants in Brazil and a lot of talking rubbish

1 – sodium hypochlorite (sanitary water)- the . not inhale too much. Derived from chlorine, one of the most deadly poisons. ’t pool chlorine kill you.

2 – quaternary ammonia or Alkyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride – second best. for floors. Cannot have contact with food and dry hands. leave ventilation. Continuous use causes asthma.

For hands the gel 70% (if not 70% useless) and reasonable you can not pass sanitary water or ammonia on the hands. It kills 73% of organisms to NIH. It has a chemical formed by correspondence, in a video talking vinegar . It does not kill staphylococci. According to another lunatic, Dr. Bacteria, if you leave it dipped in vinegar for an hour, it kills. They’ll probably drown. Use vinegar to season. Although it kills fungus.

If you have any doubts, go to NIH (National Institute of Health in the USA) because in Brazil they will go crazy.