What foods help boost your metabolism?

To help you keep your body up to date (and also your health), here are some foods that can be great allies in healthy diets:

Whole grains: linseed, oat bran, wheat fiber, sesame, others, in preparations such as vitamins or fruit juices, yogurts, or even on the fruits themselves, have a good amount of fiber that stimulates satiety, besides helping the proper functioning of the intestine.

Fresh sardine: a filet concentrates 1.5 and 2.5 omega 3. The nutrient is for several functions in the body, contributing to its proper functioning.

and lean products: preferably and skimmed or light yoghurt and ricotta type cheese and fresh minas cheese. These foods are sources of protein and calcium, and have less .

Orange: to a study conducted by the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) of Botucatu, the peel of the fruit has more fiber the pulp itself. One unit (200g) has 12.96 g of fiber in the peel and 1.84 g in the pulp. Besides the of the fruit, orange peel teas can be a good suggestion.

Ginger: gingerol, one of the components of ginger, has antiemetic properties and can help to control nausea.

Broccoli: besides containing vitamin C, it has antioxidant properties, rich in fiber, benefiting the good functioning of the intestine.

Pear: the fruit has the highest amount of pectin, a type of fiber that represents 12% of the need that a person needs to consume per day. And, according to a study conducted at the Institute of Social Medicine of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, the fact that it is fibrous and takes time to be digested can increase satiety.

All this combined with a good diet I am making of this and indicate to you.

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