What are the most needed social and economic projects in Mexico in the short term?

I share with you sixteen that I see as indispensable:

Legalization of natural drugs

. Legalizing natural drugs is a setback to much of the violence that exists in Mexico. Given the corruption of influences, the States would throw a shout in the sky, but Mexico must be sovereign and sustained. The money that Mexico generates from drugs is high, only after that of oil. Speaking of oil…

Refinery construction

. Mexico is a rich country. It has access to virtually unexplored oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico and to middle waters, so it is not particularly expensive to extract and refine it, as it is a thin oil. On the other hand, gasoline is a

which makes EVERYTHING in Mexico more expensive, so having cost efficiency in the production and sale of this fuel would encourage all industries operating in Mexico.

Lethal punishment against acts of corruption and influence peddling

. When those at the top are truly accountable, and corruption goes down as a result, the country becomes reliable in attracting investment. This is something that launched Singapore from being a third world island, to a vanguard island where many mega investors in the world even want to live. There are many ways in which corruption manifests itself, but without doubt the toxic is that carried out by senior government officials, since that minority controls the majority of national resources.

Educational infrastructure

. The teachers are there, they just need to be paid , more investment in having decent schools and new ones, more support for national scientific application.

Distribution of wealth

. Through economic promotion programs, more money should be distributed to the areas of Mexico. Regionally that would be the south. By the territory more equitably productive, according to the strengths of each area, more people benefit from employment opportunities, from starting a business and from having more than decent wages. El Peje intends to do this through tourism, which is a powerful economic engine in Mexico.

Redefining Unions

. The unions have a reasonable reason to exist, but now they have become a real nightmare. There is excess politics in them, corporatism, productive mediocrity, and high costs to the employee.

Eliminating employment taxes

. It’s a good way to be able to quickly raise salaries. Not all worker taxes are sensible, and given an efficient use of the treasury’s money, they could be compensated, meaning that the worker does not lose rights and keeps his full salary.

At least one Mexican in each foreign company, and no more than 49% of the foreign profit in the territory leaves the country. Also, incentives for investment in corporate social programs

(let’s say non-fraudulent telethons).

PRIANIST governments are too good to be servile. A government serves its people, but it is not servile to those have money, much less when they have as many national resources as Mexico.
Awards for good behavior

. If a business has access for the disabled, or enforces health or civil protection regulations, then they have extra tax incentives.

Moral communication campaigns

. Teach people to be good citizens, good neighbors, good parents, good entrepreneurs through the media. There is a lot of civil education that is never taught and not everyone learns.

True promotion of competitiveness

. This is what Peje calls “separating political power from economic power”. Practically all the companies that have been privatized since De La Madrid’s presidency have a relationship with the politicians who give them privileges. This has meant that in Mexico there is no Hollywood or Broadway, and all Mexicans have Marta Higareda’s boobs.

Promoting a true national banking infrastructure

How can Mexico be a sovereign country when more than 90% of its money is borrowed from foreigners? It may be at this point to have more than 50% financial sovereignty, but it is vitally important that the peso be less dependent on the dollar in more ways than one (as in the price of gasoline). How the government spends the money says a lot how this sovereignty is used, since it is the country’s main buyer.

National Legalization of Natural Social Behavior

. We already know that homosexuality is not a disease, that even animals abort their puppies (like dogs that eat them), that people like sex. So let’s legalize everything at a national level. All this promoted by the idea that we all repeat as merolicos in the school of Benito Juarez: “respect for the rights of others is peace.” We all have the right to make mistakes and to pay the consequences of our actions without the government having to interfere in everything.

Recovering our resources

. No to recent or future privatizations.

No to Arab-style mega-

. We do need a new airport, but 30-50 billion, not 250. There are so many incredible things that can be done with that money that we don’t even know about, since we don’t even discuss options. This new airport would only make the city bigger, when we need the opposite. We have so much territory to have only 5-6 states that are economically significant and many others with quite a few shortages.

Real legal proceedings

. Less looking to “do the filing” and more looking to apply the law in a humane way that helps us build a better nation. The other day I was reading that about 70% of the prison population in Mexico is about to steal to eat… Ridiculous.

There are many more, but I think this is enough haha.


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