What would you recommend to learn how to survive in the music industry as an artist and/or artist manager?

It’s a little long, but I hope it gives you some insight.


For many years I have walked and down, looking for a place in this industry, and the road is very long, tedious, complicated and demanding. I remember when I a child and I had my first console, I imagined myself playing for an audience, for anyone, and I thought it that simple, it’s more with the passage of time and stop being so impressionable and innocent, many people who are part of the industry tell you that everything, it’s easy and will achieve things for you, but serious mistake, These people may need you to find them something to eat, but fooling yourself into thinking it’s simple is something you have to get into your head that not everything they tell you is easy or quick is true, it’s more doubtful, everything you can and start investigating on your own if you don’t surround yourself with honest people, which will certainly waste a lot of time to add.

Time has passed and you meet people you associate with and wow! That it’s fun to share your thoughts or dreams with someone else, until things go wrong and everyone takes the path they want, and leaves you lying there looking at nothing or just looking at something meaningless, but with a lot of things on your , but you learn something, you learn, and that is that trusting this industry is something you should not lightly, so educate yourself as much as you can, and do not let them fill your head with false illusions.

Gentlemen, the music industry is difficult to walk, and even more so if you want to undertake this journey without money saved for investment, this is a business, and as such, you need to invest money, you can save now in advertising and promotion through social networks, of course, but still need to develop other expenses that are less important. I have read countless tips on this and that of the music industry, music , and they make you see that it is simple, that you can achieve alone, or with a trusted friend, but the truth is not so, if you are reading this article and you are willing to venture into this world of music business, feel good and take paper and pencil to make accounts of what you have and what you should get before thinking that it is only Facebook, and other social networks and ready to be in the music business world and have the label and shake your hand or steal from social networks to fall in love and fill your pockets, before that happens and if it does, You must suffer a lot, but a lot, to at least have a glimpse of your head in this immense sea of people who want the same thing as you, to be a recognized and live from your music or live from being a showman if your voice doesn’t give you much but you have your own friend but you are very good on the stage.

If I knew all this that I will tell you before about 10 years, I believe that I would save everything that they gave in the school, and also in the birthdays, but no! I dedicated myself to study to perfect me to have a degree of producer and Dj, and then I invested in that, but I not keep anything for my company, that one that already we all want to have. But you’ll tell me what company this guy is talking about, , the one you have in your mind, to be an artist, because you have to start creating this, which is precisely a business, and as I said before you have to invest.

Before thinking about social networks, which are incredibly important because everything takes place there, you should think and look at your piggy bank, and count the coins and bills, because the photographer is not going to give you anything, especially if he is your friend and has the latest camera of the moment, also possibly has a super camera but has no idea to take a professional photo of those you need for things that are essential for your musical career. So if you’re lucky you’ll find a photographer who gives you a good price, but be careful, there are not 10 photos you can get, maybe with a tight budget and some loans from the family or some charitable soul, you can have 3 professional photos, and then suffer and sweat so that your face is as acceptable as possible to the lens, and that the lens loves you so much that you can look good in those three pictures, believe me you will sweat and your heart will go a mile and not only because of the poses, but because the pocket really suffers a lot too.

After investing in these photos, you should have an excellent mobile phone or cell phone with which you can take incredible photos of good quality to upload to your social networks, because they are not the three that you have taken with effort in the studio, these are different, they are for your landing page or your blog or to print in some presentation poster that, here again we have the acquaintances to see if they deign to allow us to play in that place and negotiate well what you will take for free
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