How do you find the management of your government in your country during this Covid19 crisis?

Here in Belgium, failures in the management of the pandemic the beginning. The has been warned by the WHO of the virulence of the virus in China. Like all governments in the world, planning is acting in this case. The measures taken at the airports in China at the time were laughed at and sometimes considered exaggerated. In February, during the Carnival holidays, there were outbreaks of infection in Northern Italy, with detected but without identifying the patient zero. Potentially asymptomatic patients: airplanes land a significant of asymptomatic patients (a , a disorder that is not accompanied by symptoms), potentially contagious.
is the percentage of asymptomatic patients among the infected? Are they contagious and for how long? Solving unknowns would make it to contain the epidemic.They arrive without any controls, without having been warned of the risk of contamination they run, nor of the symptoms they may develop 10 to 15 days later.At the point of fall (schools, work) patients contaminate relatives and close to third parties and little by little the pandemic is doing its work. One month later, all the communes present more or less severe or numerous cases of infection. If all do not die many are affected. At the beginning of the pandemic, the government authorities noticed that the front-line personnel were cruelly lacking protective masks. There is a worldwide shortage and above all many messes in the orders which are sometimes diverted or lost or cancelled, there is also a lack of precious screening tests. There is no longer any way for individuals to get masks, there is already a lack of masks for emergency and for specific needs in the operating rooms. We learn today that a stock of ten million euros was deliberately destroyed to free up space and not replaced by savings measures ordered by the federal minister. Second lack of prevention. These masks, even if they were no longer usable in medicine, could have been used for the protection of individuals. For weeks, enlightened specialists have explained to us that the masks were of no use to non-ill people. The mask protects when you are in the presence of an infected or asymptomatic person (it is the generalization of the wearing of the mask that has stopped the spread of the virus in China and South Korea as well as the strict containment measures. This damn virus affects indiscriminately: men, women, children, babies, teenagers, young and old people in good but even more people at risk who suffer from co-morbidity. There is no current remedy worthy of the name to stop this pandemic. The only solution is the development of a vaccine. We were told at first that only the elderly were more likely to be affected, teenagers and children not at all. As a result, on the eve of the containment measures, unconscious people, often young, gathered in large numbers in pre-lockdown parties, in parks, halls and organized barbecues, restaurants in the Netherlands, drinking in caf├ęs and rooms rented for this purpose, and this on the eve of the measures promulgated . Unfortunately, we are not safe from a final pandemic similar to the 1918 influenza pandemic, known as the “Spanish flu”, which is due to a particularly virulent and contagious strain (H1N1) that spread from 1918 to 1919. Although it first appeared in the United and then in , it took the name “Spanish flu” because Spain – not involved in World War I – was the only country to freely publish information this epidemic.< This pandemic caused 20 to 50 million deaths according to the Pasteur Institute, and perhaps as many as 100 million according to some recent reassessments, or 2.5 to 5 percent of the world's population.