What was the most difficult aspect of ending your friendship or relationship with a narcissist?

I put up with his perverse communication, and I never missed an opportunity to subtly remind myself through allusions, unfinished sentences, insinuations, ambiguous phrases, all his mockery, the humiliations he subjected to, the theft and appropriation of my property, the breaking up of friendships … everything he done to me over the .

While he pretended to others that he was maintaining a healthy and friendly communication with me and trying with all his might to finalize the economic aspects of the divorce.

I decided, for my health and my mental balance, to establish contact 0 and then I asked to sit down with the lawyers as a way to seeing me and to be to continue attacking.

He loved attacking me in front of others, that violence went unnoticed by everyone except me by using intimate and personal things that only he knew .

It was as if I made communication impossible and therefore the completion of the divorce process and he was a victim of my evil.

He managed to be the center of attention of all his surroundings and he fooled around with his lawyer.

The need to keep on attacking, his helplessness and his rage at my indifference, made him make mistakes that made his bad intentions visible, his false position of victim and his shameful act.

He only exposed and then I realized that the damage he intended to continue doing was something that those who were witnessing these events and living with me, were laughing at.

made me see how ridiculous his behavior was and how desperate he was. I realized that the power was mine, that NO is very valuable it is used well.

And I felt peace, tranquility, security, confidence, I felt again my feet on the ground, something I hadn’t felt in years.

And I was afraid of him…

Not anymore. Compassion, yes. Fear no.