Why should I start doing yoga? What are its benefits?

There is no longer any doubt about the usefulness and benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

It is a practice of psychophysical of importance for the conquest and maintenance of health. It is the oldest method of personal growth that involves: body, mind and spirit.

Modern medicine has had to surrender to what the ancient oriental masters claimed; it has proven over and over again by serious research, that Yoga has obvious repercussions on the mind and the body; some of the :

It improves the function of the digestive .

It improves the functionality of the circulatory system.

Improves pulmonary elasticity (diaphragmatic breathing).

Improves the functioning of the endocrine glands.

Improves the elasticity of the muscular system.

It has a marked beneficial influence on the nervous system and the mind.

…by: ”

“, of Dr. Aldo Saponaro. Edizioni Della Specola.

Recent discoveries have shown that Yoga exercises, the brain secretes endorphins, morphine-like substances associated with -being and therefore anxiolytic. It also helps to “empty” the mind from the usual overload of stimuli. It has a marked beneficial influence on the nervous system and the mind.

It is quite evident that rebalancing will have an effect on other body functions, promoting a more balanced metabolism.

And, since we need movement to unload – as say – ”

“, all that remains is to practice a bit of gym; not active gymnastics, but aerobics such as yoga, pilates, stretching and so on. Stress is fought with gentle gymnastics, bio-energetic gymnastics that affects body and mind; with relaxation exercises, therefore, and not with 50 kilometres of cycling in the middle of cars and all sorts of risks. This is also confirmed by science:

As for the aids, I recommend these three excellent texts:

by André Van Lysebeth – Ed. Mursia.