Is cow’s milk really bad for our health?

the great dentist, nutrition and health researcher Weston A. Price and his wife travelled the world for about 10 years in the 1920s and 30s and came to almost every continent, he met in many places traditional groups of who had and dairy products as an important part of their diet and who were in excellent health.

Nowadays, however, many people (even those from areas where milk was traditionally drunk) can no longer tolerate milk and dairy products, and even fall ill from them.

does this fit together?

The answer is to be found in the production, quality and processing of milk.

UHT or “only” pasteurized and homogenized milk and its products from cows that are wading in their poop in far narrow stalls, never seeing the light, fed with high performance feed, hormones and antibiotics, is obviously not a health producing product.

Cows that spend their lives happily grazing in the pasture, eating green grass and herbs, or being fed hay in spacious, well-ventilated, cosy stalls in winter, are quite different. If this milk is then left raw or processed raw into raw milk cheese, raw milk butter, raw milk yoghurt etc., then these can be healthy products.

Another detail is whether the cows are allowed to keep their horns. It sounds bizarre, but many people tolerate milk from cows with horns better than from cows from which they have been removed.

One point that is rarely thought about, not even by most organic farmers, is that suckler cows and calves are separated shortly after birth. This perverts the cows’ sense of and creates a lot of suffering, which we are bound to experience in some form. I plead for husbandry in which mother cows and calves are allowed to stay together. Cows are bred to milk than a calf needs. There is still enough left for us humans and there are actually already a few farms that work this… but then the milk costs , of course, and we have to be prepared to that.

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