Do incest mothers know that their partner has abused their daughter or son?

start by saying that there are also mothers who sexually abuse their daughters or sons.

However, I talk about an “incest mother,” I mean a mother of a family, where there is sexual abuse of one or more by the father.

The big , when the abuse has ended, is always the same:

Did the mother know about the abuse and if so, why didn’t she end it?

Of course, incest mothers will strongly deny that they knew anything about the abuse.

“Do you really think my husband was abusing my daughter that I was standing next to? Or that he gave me a written report of his sexual acts with the child? How dare you question my motherhood! I’m as much a victim as my daughter! I feel betrayed and abandoned by my husband and falsely accused by all of you!”

before you start a collection to offer “pathetic, traumatized incest mothers” a cruise on a luxury ship to the Bahamas, I suggest you wait a little longer.

The question of whether or not the mother was aware of the abuse is irrelevant!

Prolonged, systematic incest always leaves deep traces in the child’s experience, traces in the child’s mental health and even physical .

Even if you don’t know anything about the abuse itself, you are still confronted with all kinds of complaints and inexplicable actions by the victim.

When seventeen-year-old daughter wets her bed three nights a week, it is “a little unusual”.

It’s time to start asking questions.

Your daughter of thirteen has sex with two boyfriends of seventeen?

She shouldn’t, and it’s a very serious alarm, that help is needed, even if you don’t know why she behaves like this!

You are older and the emotional and psychological safety of your child is your business!

Your daughter is the best pupil in the class, but she hasn’t done anything for months, she doesn’t do her homework and she gets big shortcomings?

Wake up! Hello! Are you still asleep?

There’s something serious going on with your child and you’re older so you need to get started and you need to call in social workers.

But incest mothers don’t give a damn if their daughter cuts herself.

Their daughter is “a sick, deranged psychopath who attracts ”!
Instead of getting help, they kick their daughter deeper into the shit and humiliate the victim.

“lf you want to cut your bloody head open for some attention, that’s your business! Own responsibility! But I will not be emotionally blackmailed!”

Incest mothers don’t even believe their child when the child talks about the abuse.

It is high time that the police and judiciary start prosecuting the incest mothers for negligence as well as the perpetrator himself.

even if you don’t know anything about the abuse, you have deliberately ignored the countless signals and that makes you as a mother as responsible for maintaining the incest as the perpetrator is for committing the incest.