Which food is marketed as healthy, but is actually very unhealthy?

Nearly all processed foods as .

This is mainly due to the fact that and fat (and salt) are strong flavour carriers and are therefore almost never dispensed with.

For this reason, there are three typical ways of marketing ‘healthy’:

With fruit content. However, fruit is often rather insignificant and are likely to even worse because they have already eaten something healthy. In addition, fruit has a high sugar content and not a few calories and the same applies to such products.

Less sugar. instead more fat.

Reduced fat. But more sugar.

With vitamin ABCX. And of course – exactly – with lots of sugar and fat.

is healthy? Lots of vegetables, lots of water, lots of fibre, little processed pizza, ready-made yoghurt, ready-made soup,……
And in general: lots of variety.

I look at the list of ingredients and the nutritional values of EVERY food. It is it!