Is there a very effective trick to avoid vomiting when you feel nauseous?

Good morning,

I would to add to what Silvia wrote that even drinking in small sips and a couple of minutes apart a fruit juice that tends to be acidic or a hot drink an infusion can help reduce gastric distension and nausea.

However, it is always good to understand what is the cause of nausea and and if it is a problem of central (central nervous system) or peripheral (inner ear) vertigo, or if it is a purely gastrointestinal problem (gastroesophageal reflux , dyspepsia or difficulty in digestion, food poisoning, poisoning) or if it is a manifestation of influenza or parainfluenza or if it is linked to of anxiety.

Ultimately an antiemetic drug as rightly already written (plasil, intramuscular for obvious reasons) can solve the in almost case.


Dr. Claudio Bravin