What do you do when you decide to invest a large sum of money? What kind of arrangements should be made?

The first rule is to diversify, indeed , that is the second, the first is to buy low and sell high which leads us to the current impossibility to sensible investments since any security is largely overvalued, this to an excess of liquidity to the “stimulus” to the economy of the central banks.

So patience, you have to wait for a major collapse of the returning, this can take years, meanwhile liquidity trying not to suffer losses due to a collapse of their national currency, which leads us straight to commodities and consequently to gold that just happens to rise everything else sinks.

So buying gold every or almost every , distributing over a period of time purchases taking advantage of the declines to accumulate to the first rule, gold fortunately is exempted from the second (diversify) because it not present a risk of default.