What is the healthiest diet?

your common sense.

I ’t believe in dieting. Yeah, you lose weight during or shortly after your . if you go back to eating like you always did, you’ gain weight just as quickly.

How I stay slim:

cliché but . Exercise. For me, running works once a week. Lots of walking and cycling. Grab the bike when you go shopping or go for a walk. You really don’t have to go to the gym. Nice running in the open air. If you don’t want to run, walking is also fine.

Don’t be strict with yourself. If you’re fixated on not being allowed to eat sweets, that’s all you want to eat. Don’t think much in “I like this and I don’t like that”.

Eat a piece of fruit every day. An apple a day keeps the away. Sweeties will , “There’s sugar in fruit, too. Boo-hoo yeah, but are natural sugars and not sugars that come from your coke. Fruit also contains vitamins.

Eat a varied diet. Not every day pasta. Search on youtube ‘easy healthy recipes’ and tadaa found. You really don’t have to be an Ottolenghi to be to cook healthy and tasty.

Don’t eat ready-made meals. They contain an enormous amount of sugars. And salt. And other flavour enhancers.

Experiment with . can be very tasty with different herbs. Note: I say spices not sauces!

Candy, cake and other delicacies. May really once in a while. But not every day. Common sense.

Try not to give in to temptation. Motivate your brain. Often you want to snack for it. Work a little inside. Instead of crisps, make healthy snacks. Like I do is dip cucumber in hummus. Or carrots.

Don’t think of models (instagram people) as your big example. Everything’s fake. Photoshop. We are living in the world honey.

Finally, be nice to yourself. And so to your body. Everything you put in your body should give you energy and keep you healthy. Your body is your engine for everything. Don’t give up on him or .

It may all sound too easy, but I really think that with a little common sense we can get much further than all those diets together. It’s all marking, too. Then you can’t do this again.