How can a country increase its GDP?

It is difficult, if not , to summarize in a few lines a methodology for increasing a ’s GDP , and more so when each has unique characteristics.

By way of an exercise, I say that every country needs a starting point that can be the following:

education for the entire population. If people do not know to read or do not understand what read, it is difficult for them to produce efficiently.

Good health system – If people die, on average, at the age of 45 or become seriously ill, making them unfit for work, it will be very difficult to achieve a substantial increase in GDP.

Laws and judicial system that do not provide for favouritism, corruption or injustice. one works so that their are taken away by unjustly.

To that starting point, I would add:

Free trade – that’s the crux of wealth. Humanity began to generate wealth when trade became popular (discovery of America, trade with the Indies) or more recently, the USSR or China abandoned their international isolation to join world trade.

Innovation. In innovation usually lies the efficiency and productivity that will make the country competitive.

Capital investment – Wealth is the product of man and capital. Without capital, which requires constant input to modernize, the country is left on the back .

And of course, are several other reasons, perhaps not as important, but necessary.

And how does this answer the question? – The best and fastest way to increase GDP is through international trade. This requires total liberalization of trade, but this will require being productive (as indicated above) and in return, wealth will be generated through increases in GDP.

Sorry for the short summary.