Is the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 really very dangerous, as journalists say, or is it little more than a flu, as some scientists say?

I am still of the that the answer to this question is of use to you. Nobody wants to get sick, even “just a little.” it’s much more important to know how to protect yourself against viral infections. At the moment it is certainly useful to ask more precisely which vitamins and minerals you consistently deny your body through your . So healthy nutrition.

And . your hands. not get too close to others etc. not consume drinks or food together from one container (cup, can, fake …) and not use the same cutlery (, spoon, fork etc).

Sure I can tell you that children under the of 9 have not died from it yet. I can tell you that 2,8 % of the sick people die from it. And that women are better than . What good does that do you? If you’re on the wrong side of the percentages, you’re gonna get it, even if you’re only one in a million. Besides, viruses have a nasty habit of changing themselves. What’s right today can be wrong tomorrow.

But the basic rules like healthy food etc. do not change at all. Your immune system is and remains the be-all and end-all it comes to illness.