What is the institution in your country that you trust the most or that you feel works best?

What is the institution in your country that you trust the most or that you feel works best?

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I must be a terrible Spaniard since I very critical of the organization, the form of state and the opinions of compatriots (in particular, appreciation of the church, the monarchy, the bulls or football).

In June 2017, the CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas), a solvent organization with great professionals and very little politicized (although not exempt of politicization) made a study to see which were the institutions more valued by the current Spanish people, this graph shows the results:

Although I do not have a great opinion of the last four institutions, the worst valued ones, I have a much better image of them than of the first four. I am sorry to live in a country that, somewhat against the current within Europe, has among the most valued institutions hierarchical institutions and without internal democratic organization (at the same time that the most democratic institutions are beaten). In this, Spain is a certain anomaly.

My very personal list of institutions or organizations that I value the most is the following:


public health system

The Committee has been working on a number of issues, in particular with regard to doctors and aspects of hospitals.

Spanish universities

who in the last 20 years have taken a “great leap forward” and have placed themselves at a level in scientific research that can look from you to you to countries like or Italy.



(NGO’s) and the neighbouring associations, not all of them, some of them (here my opinion is irregular).

These last three organizations do not have an army of “paid feather dusters” to praise their achievements and are quite ignored by the common people. In fact, as Albert Einstein expressed, the responsible exercise within a democratic society requires objective and reasonable information, a condition that I believe is not very common in Spain. The only consolation I have from the work of the CIS is that the opinion of young people 18 and 30 is much closer than I , and perhaps only because of this will Spain be better in 10 or 20 years’ time, because the opinion of young people (to a large extent the best informed sector of society) seems to me to be much more sensible than that of their grandparents.

I would expand on my assessments of the Security Forces, the Monarchy, the Army or the Press, and why are they being so highly rated?

that I simply prefer to keep my opinion to myself.